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Memorial Day is celebrated the last Monday of May each year to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. 

But the President and Vice President enjoyed the holiday forgetting it’s TRUE essence

“Enjoy the long weekend,” the Vice President wrote, above a candid photo of herself smiling.

The president talks about Ice cream and a little girl too.

“It is Memorial Day weekend – [not] for enjoying – but for memorializing our fallen,”


Memorial Day

Vet’s mic cut off as he spoke of role freed slaves played in Memorial Day origins





Retired Army Lt. Col. Barnard Kemter initially thought he was just the victim of a technical glitch.

A US Army veteran’s microphone was cut off during a Memorial Day event in Ohio as he discussed the role freed black slaves played in the holiday’s origins.

Footage of Monday’s event shows retired Army Lt. Col. Barnard Kemter tapping the microphone midway into his 11-minute speech during a ceremony at Markillie Cemetery in Hudson, Ohio, where one of the organizers admitted they intentionally dropped the audio, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

Cindy Suchan, president of the Hudson American Legion Auxiliary, declined to say who specifically turned down the volume, but said organizers wanted the portion cut out since it was “not relevant to our program for the day,” adding that the theme was to honor Hudson veterans.

Kemter, 77, who served in the Army from 1965 through 1995, said he was dismayed by the incident.
“I find it interesting that [the American Legion] … would take it upon themselves to censor my speech and deny me my First Amendment right to [freedom of speech],” Kemter told the newspaper. “This is not the same country I fought for.”
A Memorial Day parade is seen on Riverside Drive in New York City in 1880.Bettmann Archive
Kemter’s mic went silent as he recalled the role of black slaves in honoring fallen Union soldiers in Charleston, South Carolina, shortly after the end of the Civil War in 1865.
Citing a Yale historian, Kemter said the holiday was first celebrated by an “organized group of black freed slaves” on May 1, 1865, at the remains of a Confederate prisoner of war camp.

“The ceremony is believed to have included a parade of as many as 10,000 people, including 3,000 African-American schoolchildren singing the Union marching song, ‘John Brown’s Body,’” Kemter said. “They were carrying armfuls of flowers and went to decorate at the graves.”
Seconds later, Kemter’s mic was cut off. A disclaimer on the video notes that the “lapse in sound” was not the fault of a production company.


In response to being censored, Kemter said, “This is not the same country I fought for.”Vimeo
The Ohio American Legion is now probing the incident.
“We will investigate and take disciplinary action if needed,” the organization tweeted Wednesday. “We deeply apologize for this matter and are launching a full investigation. We sincerely apologize for any harms caused and will hold those accountable once the facts are investigated.”
Suchan acknowledged that she reviewed Kemter’s speech days before its delivery and wanted some portions removed, the Akron Beacon Journal reported.

“We asked him to modify his speech, and he chose not to do that,” Suchan told the newspaper.

Alexandria Gracian, 9, from GirlScout troop 1138 in the San Fernando Valley carries flags that scouts placed on grave markers ahead of Memorial Day.Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
Kemter initially thought the incident was a “technical glitch,” he told the Washington Post.
“I was very disappointed that someone would choose to censor my speech,” Kemter said. “Throughout history, there has been a lot of claims about who actually performed the first Memorial Day service. With this speech, I chose to educate people as to the origin of Memorial Day and why we were celebrating it.”

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Candace Owens

Watch Candace Owens’ Tribute To Our Veterans





Candace Owens delivers a Memorial Day tribute to our great veterans, with a special assist from the legendary bluegrass band, The Isaacs, performing one of the most beautiful renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner you’ll ever hear.

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DeSantis calls on Floridians to give moment of silence for fallen heroes





FloridaGov. Ron DeSantiscalled on the citizens of his state to give a moment of silence on Memorial Day for the nation’s fallen heroes.

DeSantis — a reservist Navy officer — published the tweet Monday in honor of Memorial Day, a holiday dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives in service of this country. In his tweet, DeSantis asked the people of the Sunshine State to pause at 3 p.m.  for a moment of silence.

“This solemn day, we remember the sacrifice and lives lost by the great men and women of our armed forces who fought to secure liberty and freedom for all,” DeSantis wrote. “This Memorial Day, I ask all Floridians to pause at 3:00 p.m. for a moment of silence to honor our fallen heroes.”

Elected officials across the aisle also shared words of remembrance for our fallen service members.

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., a former Green Beret, posted a tweet thread remembering his “fellow Green Berets who didn’t make it home.”

Former CIA officer Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., wrote Memorial Day is when America remembers our own who gave their lives for freedom and “rest under white crosses, tombstones, and unmarked graves.”

“We will never forget our fellow Americans who gave their lives in defense of our nation,” she added.
Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-Pa., shared a photo of her planting flags at fallen service members’ graves, saying every day, including Memorial Day, “we remember those who gave their lives for our nation.”

The nation observed Memorial Day on Monday, with President Biden visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery and giving a presidential address.


“Remember their sacrifice, their valor and their grace. Remember their smiles, their loves, their laughter, their essential vibrant and transcendent humanity,” Biden said. “For while we stand amid monuments of stone, we must never forget that each of these markers, for those known and unknown, here at Arlington and far beyond, represent a precious life. A son, a daughter, a mother, a spouse, brother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor.”

Former President Trump also issued a statement on Memorial Day, commending the nation’s “fallen heroes” and saying the “patriotism” of American service members is incomparable to other nations throughout human history.

“On this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen heroes who took their last breaths in defense of our Nation, our families, our citizens, and our sacred freedoms,” Trump said. “The depth of their devotion, the steel of their resolve, and the purity of their patriotism has no equal in human history.”

“It is because of their gallantry that we can together, as one people, continue our pursuit of America’s glorious destiny,” he added. 

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