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Watch: Biden Leans in to Touch Little Girl, She Immediately Defends Herself

After multiple women accused Joe Biden of inappropriate touching, he promised to change his behavior.

In 2019, then-candidate Biden said, “I will be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.”

“That’s my responsibility and I will meet it,” Biden promised, while also not forgetting to throw in his excuse that “social norms have begun to change.”

Watch the clip:

Apparently, Biden hasn’t learned his lesson as a young girl felt she needed to slap the president for violating her personal space.

The little girl was caught on camera this week defending herself from Biden’s advances on her personal space.

The moment occurred during the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkeys at the White House.

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Here’s the footage of the young girl who wasn’t having any of it:

Here’s a look at the history of “Joe Biden’s creepiest hit,” according to a post from Donald Trump Jr.:


More from Western Journal:

This kind of thing shouldn’t be difficult for the president to stop unless, at heart, he cannot conceive of anyone who wouldn’t want him being abnormally affectionate — even little kids — if the whimsy strikes him.

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That seems to be the bedrock issue. Since he was 30 years old, and President Richard Nixon was in the White House, Joe Biden has been one of the most powerful men in American political life. Who wouldn’t want him in their personal space, he seems to be saying? He doesn’t mean anything untoward, he just likes showing “gestures of support and encouragement.” Doesn’t everybody want that from the president?

On Friday, the little girl in question was young enough not to know the office of the man offering her a gesture “of support and encouragement,” and she gave him a definitive answer. Perhaps he’ll “get it” now. One has doubts, however.

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