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VIDEO: Unhinged NBC Reporter Suffers Complete Meltdown Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on Gun Parts

NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian has come unglued following the “dangerous way” gun dealers are marketing their products.

Going a step further, Dilanian says the marketing presents a “violent threat” against Joe Biden.

On some of their AR-15 weapons, Palmetto State Armory has added the saying “Let’s Go Brandon” to the weapon.

Palmetto State Armory operates a 12,000-square-foot gun store in Columbia, South Carolina.

At least two other firms in other states, Culper Precision and My Southern Tactical, are advertising an AR-15 magazine for sale with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker, NBC reports.

Dilanian took time to call the Secret Service, he says.

“I called the Secret Service about this,” he explained. “They had no comment.”

This only enraged him all the more.

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Watch the clip:

More from RedState:

If the Secret Service had responded, they likely would have said to him — if they deigned to bother with him at all — “Are you daft? This isn’t a threat and we have real concerns with which we have to deal.” Dilanian apparently fails to understand that we’re not living under rules like in China — at least not yet — and these aren’t threats.

Dilanian also tried to provide cover for their own NBC reporter who was actually the cause of the “Let’s go, Brandon” saying. He explains how the saying began at a NASCAR race when the NBC Sports reporter was interviewing Brandon Brown and there was a nearby chant “that was difficult to make out,” Dilanian claims, so the reporter thought that’s what was being said. It wasn’t difficult to make out in the slightest as anyone can tell if they listen to the video.


But nice attempt there to try to cover for your reporter with such a deceptive claim. It was that media lying about the chant that made Americans turn it around and use it as an indictment of media lying as well as a criticism of Joe Biden. That’s a point that Dilanian completely misses while he’s slinging this bilge, proving the chant correct, yet again.

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But in case Dilanian is interested, Palmetto also has a new product that’s a criticism of Joe Biden. Maybe he wants to call the Secret Service on them about this one as well. If he does, they will no doubt laugh him off the phone.

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