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The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus unpublished a music video promising to “convert” children to a “tolerant” pro-LGBT worldview after it went viral Wednesday, thanks to its unabashed repurposing of critics’ rhetoric, playfully declaring: “the gay agenda is here,” “we’ll corrupt your kids,” and “we’re coming for them.”
In the song titled “Message From the Gay Community,” the choir gloats that parents are powerless to stop their movement from recruiting children — merely to be “accepting, caring people,” soloists Troy Iwata and Daniel Quadrino insist, mugging for the camera.

“So as we celebrate pride on the progress we’ve made over these past years, there’s still work to be done. So to those of you out there who are still working against equal rights, we have a message for you,” Iwata says before kicking off the song with the opening lines:

You think we’re sinful. You fight against our rights. You say we all lead lives you can’t respect. But you’re just frightened. You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. It’s funny. Just this once, you’re correct.

The song goes on, with the activists promising to convert children “quietly and subtly.”

We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly, and you will barely notice it. You can keep him from disco, warn about San Francisco. Make him wear pleated pants. We don’t care. We’ll convert your children. We’ll make them tolerant and fair.

The singers then repeatedly promise that they are “coming” for parents’ children.

“We’ll convert your children,” they gleefully sing. “Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children.”
The group made the original video private less than a week after uploading it on July 1. CBN reports the video had a disproportionally larger number of dislikes than likes, with over 1,000 comments, many of which were deleted.
In June, the choir similarly went viral for creepy political propaganda — a brief clip barking commands to receive a coronavirus vaccine, simply titled “Vaccinate!”


The video comes on the heels of Pride Month, which saw leftists in Hollywood, massive corporations, and the Biden White House pandering to LGBT demographics.
Nickelodeon, for example, promoted pride month with a video featuring drag queen Nina West, who sang about the meaning of the colors on the “pride” flag.
Overall, children’s shows have experienced a “222 percent increase in LGBTQ characters and stories between 2017 and 2019 alone,” according to a recent study.



Celebs, Pundits, Politicians Shame Unvaccinated Americans: ‘A**holes,’ ‘Selfish’





Unvaccinated Americans are being shamed by celebrities, pundits, and politicians for making individual choices on whether to take the coronavirus vaccine.

  1. Charles Barkley

Former NBA star Charles Barkley said Tuesday that “Everybody should be vaccinated. Period.”
“The only people who are not vaccinated are just a–holes,” he added.

  1. Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci said July 11 those who cheered a low vaccination rate at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) were “horrifying.”
“It’s horrifying. I mean, they are cheering about someone saying that it’s a good thing for people not to try and save their lives,” Fauci claimed.

Moreover, Fauci on July 5 warned there are unvaccinated living in a separate America.
“We’re going to see … almost two types of America,” Fauci said:

You know, those regions of America which are highly vaccinated and we have a low level of dynamics of infection. And in some places, some states, some cities, some areas, where the level of vaccination is low and the level of virus dissemination is high – that’s where you’re going to see the spikes.

3. Joy Behar

Behar said July 27 the way forward to get more Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus is to issue “threats” that the unvaccinated will not be able to go to public places such as theaters, restaurants, and museums:
In West Virginia, they offered to give them a gun. Apparently, that’s the only shot they are scared of, the vaccine shot, not getting actually shot. So bribery didn’t work. So the next step might be what we look at as threats. You will not be able to go to a restaurant unless you are vaccinated. You will not be able to go into a museum. You are not going to be able to go into the theater.

  1. President Joe Biden
    Biden told churchgoers April 1 they were being ungodly if they did not become vaccinated.
    “I think this is the Godly thing to do. Protect your brother and sister,” he said. “That’s what this is about. It’s about protecting people.”

On July 2, Biden said black Tuskegee airmen “were almost like guinea pigs,” when answering a question about vaccine hesitancy in the black community.

You know, you go back just to — even World War II, African-Americans were used as experimental — they were almost like guinea pigs in terms of — they were — anyway, it — and your mom and dad remember that and your grandparents remember that.

Likewise, President Joe Biden said June 24 it was hard to get all Hispanics in America vaccinated for the coronavirus because of their fear of getting deported.
“It’s awful hard to get Latinx vaccinated as well,” Biden claimed about all Latinos. “Why? They’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.”

  1. Gayle King 
    CBS anchor Gayle King told viewers while interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci that she has problems with some of her unvaccinated family members, whom she will “ban for Thanksgiving vacation.”
    “Dr. Fauci, I don’t know many more times you can say to people, ‘Listen, it will save your life.’ I have this problem with some members of my own family, which I’m now going to ban for Thanksgiving vacation,” King replied. “That’s how strongly I’m taking what you’re saying.”
  2. Don Lemon
    On July 26, Lemon called on the unvaccinated to be banned from grocery stores, ball games, and offices.
    “I’m sure a lot of people won’t agree with this but don’t get the vaccine. You can’t go to the supermarket. Don’t have the vaccine, can’t go to the ball game. Don’t have a vaccine, can’t go to work. You don’t have a vaccine, can’t come here,” he said. “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”
  3. Vice President Kamala Harris 
    Harris warned Americans July 19 that if they did not get vaccinated, they would cause continued mask mandates.
    “No one likes wearing masks… people need to get vaccinated. That’s the only way we’re going to cut this off,” she explained. “Nobody likes wearing a mask.”

8. Geraldo Rivera

Rivera said July 27 unvaccinated people who are not regularly tested were “arrogant” and “selfish.”

“I think the vaccine is absolutely bulletproof against this disease. We had a lightning storm in Cleveland last night,” Rivera said. “It was as likely to get hit by one of those lightning bolts as to get this terrible disease if you are vaccinated. This is a disease of the unvaccinated.”

9.  Dr. Leana Wen
Wen stated July 11 that life needs to be “hard” for Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine with “twice weekly testings.”
“What we really need to do at this point is make vaccination the easy choice. It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now, it’s kind of the opposite. It’s fine. It’s easy if you’re unvaccinated. You can do anything you want to do anyway,” Wen explained.
10. Kathleen Sebelius
Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius proposed July 13 that Americans who have not received a coronavirus v accine should not be allowed to work or have access to children and be limited on where they are allowed to go.
“I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine if you don’t choose to get vaccinated. You may not come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy,” she said. “Where you might kill them, or you might put them in a situation where they’re going to carry the virus to someone in a high-risk position.”
“That’s, I think the point where we are, is freedom is one thing, but freedom when you harm others like secondhand smoke,” she continued.
11. Andy Slavitt
Former White House senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt stated July 22 the Biden administration must get “very aggressive” and advocate that schools, businesses, and government agencies require daily negative coronavirus tests results from the unvaccinated, for which they pay:
It’s going to take getting very aggressive about particularly younger people. People under 25. I think as they return to school, presumably at full FDA approval, we should be really seriously considering whether schools, workplaces, government agencies ought to be saying, ‘Hey, if you’re coming here, you need to be vaccinated.’ If you’re not, you need to show you have a negative test every single day.

  1. Kate Mulvey
    Kate Mulvey wrote a piece June 2 titled, ‘Why I’m Disinviting My Unvaccinated Friends from My Dinner Parties.’ In the article she wrote about her friend who remains unvaccinated:
    Soon, as is now customary, we were swapping our vaccination stories – apart from one friend, that is, who kept very quiet. Because she has decided not to have the jab.
    When it was her turn to reveal if she was “Astra or Pfizer”, she said: “Neither, actually…” When she caught our incredulous expressions, she explained she was against “putting stuff” in her body and would take her chances with herd immunity.
    The rest of us fell awkwardly silent and then changed the subject – but, later, I found myself fuming. I feel increasingly angry at those who refused to be vaxxed.
    13. Michael Irvin
    Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl champion Michael Irvin said July 19 that NFL players who refuse to get the coronavirus vaccine must believe there are more important things than winning:
    If you’re not one of them teams [at the threshold], are you really thinking about winning a championship? You see what I’m saying,” Irvin said. “OK, so now if you’re not getting vaccinated and you got all these other teams that are getting vaccinated . . . Somebody in that damn locker room [should say], ‘Hey man, we’re going to have a chance, are you vaccinated?’” Irvin said. “Let’s go through this because this could be a two-week healthy dude missing games, and in this league, this ain’t the NBA. In this league that could be it for you. The right person misses two weeks, that’s it. Your ass is out.
  2. Jerome Adams 
    Former Trump official Adams said Sunday the coronavirus is spreading because those who choose to remain unvaccinated are causing the virus to spiral “out of control.”

“And it’s coming because this pandemic is spiraling out of control yet again. And it’s spiraling out of control because we don’t have enough people vaccinated,” he said.

15. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky blamed the coronavirus on those who are unvaccinated, calling it “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”
“Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated,” she reiterated.

  1. Gov. Key Ivey
    Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) said Tuesday that people who are unvaccinated are believing lies about coronavirus inoculation.
    “I believe those who are pushing fake news and conspiracy theories about this vaccine are reckless and causing great harm to people,” Ivey wrote. “The unvaccinated folks are being lied to, and that is just plum sad.”

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Nobody in Hollywood Can Beat This Acting!





This kid’s performance is worthy of an Oscar. Hilarious!

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