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On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky and Senior Editor Christopher Bedford air their 2020 grievances. Whether it is pesky D.C. runners and bikers, fast food, or Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Time’s person of the year, there are plenty of complaints to go around.

“I know your grievances could fill, not a podcast, but an audiobook really. A long audiobook. A biblical-sized audiobook,” Jashinsky told Bedford.

“A lot of things grind my gears,” Bedford agreed. 

While this year was filled with crazy people, unprecedented times, and Amy Klobuchar’s overused blizzard joke, Jashinsky and Bedford agree there are still some beacons of hope such as Olive Garden breadsticks, scooters, A1 steak sauce, and many more opportunities to air grievances in 2021.


“Soon it will be 2021, which I hate to tell you is probably going to be as bad as 2020,” Bedford said.


Donald Trump

Video: Donald Trump considers another White House run in 2024



Florida congressman Matt Gaetz says Donald Trump is considering another White House run in 2024 as senior GOP senator Lindsey Graham is reportedly preparing to travel to Florida to visit the former president in a bid to unite the Republican party.


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Capitol Riots

Video: Trump is “plotting revenge” against his traitors – Jackman



US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman says all reports are that Donald Trump is “plotting revenge” against those members and senators who voted against him in his second impeachment matter.

Donald Trump is expected next Sunday to make his first public appearance since leaving office.

The former US president, who departed the White House on 20 January, is set to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.


Mr Trump is reportedly planning to address his second impeachment trial, where he was acquitted by the Senate of inciting the rioting at the US Capitol on 6 January.

He is also expected to give his views on the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

(sky news)

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Biden’s Interior nominee failed to report casino income on congressional ethics report



The Democratic congresswoman named by President Biden to be the next interior secretary failed to disclose on her House ethics report $16,000 in casino salary that made up more than a  third of her income in 2018 when she first won her congressional seat, according to an amended report she filed as her nomination was being vetted.

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), who would be America’s first Native American cabinet secretary if her nomination is approved, faces a confirmation hearing Tuesday before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Republicans such as Sen. Steve Daines of Montana are expected to grill Haaland about her relative lack of management experience and her views on the environment and energy, which they have labeled as radical.

The change that Haaland made on her 2018 congressional ethics form last month may open another avenue of inquiry for Republicans.

Haaland, a member of the Laguna Pueblo Nation in New Mexico, has been one of the most modestly earning members in Congress since she joined in January 2019.

The financial disclosure form she filed for interior secretary shows she had no income in 2020 beyond her congressional salary and a $175 distribution payment from her tribe. She also reported owning no assets, and carrying up to $50,000 in student loan debts, a balance sheet dwarfed by those of the preponderance of members of Congress, the majority of whom are millionaires

.File NomineeDisclosure-Haaland.pdf

After she joined Congress in 2019, Haaland reported on her House ethics form dated May 13, 2019 that her only source of income in 2018 was $30,550 as an independent contractor for her tribe’s Laguna Development Corp. She also listed no liabilities on the form.

But on Jan. 5 of this year, she quietly filed an amendment to the 2019 form adding $16,000 in “salary” from the San Felipe Casino, a gambling outlet near Santa Fe run by the San Felipe Pueblo. The casino recently changed its name to Black Mesa Casino.

The amendment also listed student loan debts of between $15,001 and $50,000 that were not on her 2019 form.

Spokespeople for Haaland, Daines and Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, the ranking Republican on the committee, did not immediately return emails or calls seeking comment .

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Video: Donald Trump considers another White House run in 2024

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Video: Trump is “plotting revenge” against his traitors – Jackman

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Biden’s Interior nominee failed to report casino income on congressional ethics report

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Convicted fundraiser who tried to work his way into Biden’s inner circle sentenced to prison

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Cruz responds to pictures of him on Mexico flight, with Texas struggling from deadly winter storm

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‘A lot of people don’t know the severity of what’s going on’

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South Carolina House passes bill that would prohibit most abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected

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Son of prominent conservative leader Bozell arrested in connection with Capitol siege

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Seven shot in Philadelphia near SEPTA station, according to police

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Trump calls Limbaugh ‘legend,’ in first TV interview since Senate trial

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CNN’s Stelter,’ ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend didn’t mention Cuomo’s nursing home COVID story

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Rep. Bennie Thompson targets Trump, Giuliani, Proud Boys and Oath Keepers in Capitol riot lawsuit

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Trump unleashes scathing statement blasting Sen. Mitch McConnell

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Judicial Watch sues U.S. Capitol Police in pursuit of emails and videos pertaining to Jan. 6 riots

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BREAKING Whistleblower: Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

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Censored Dr. Goes Off On Lying Fauci, CDC and NIH

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Sidney Powell | How to Fix Justice

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2019 video shows Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene telling people to flood the Capitol

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Breaking: Patrick Byrne says he set Hillary Clinton up in a FBI sting in January 2016 for a 18 million dollar bribe

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Nancy Pelosi’s long history of getting rich from shady Wall Street deals…

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Breaking — President Trump’s Formal Written Response to Article of Impeachment…

Candace Owens1 week ago

Candace Owens post photo of her son with a message to all young feminist.

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Romney Gets Confronted At Utah Airport, Passengers Chant ‘Traitor’ After He Boards The Plane

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Trump calls Marjorie Taylor Greene… ‘I will never back down!’

William Barr2 months ago

Video: Facts Matter (Dec.15): The Real Reason That Barr ‘Resigned’

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Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is keeping her word!

President Health4 weeks ago

Biden did not look healthy in a brief appearance from the Oval Office today

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Photos of AOC and the staged protest in front of fence in which she falsely claimed children were inside, being held in cages




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