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Border crisis

Mike Pompeo: Give Border Patrol agents ‘benefit of the doubt’ at the southern border

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined ‘The Story’ to weigh in on the Biden Administration criticizing Border Patrol agents, saying their comments reflect “what the Democratic Party has become.” 

MIKE POMPEO: Thank you. It’s great to be with you. Look, President Biden’s comments and the vice president’s comments both reflect what the Democratic Party has become. They don’t give the benefit of the doubt to these law enforcement peoplewhether they’re the police officers holding a line here inside the country or these brave men and women trying to protect American sovereignty on our southern border against the chaos that the Biden administration has created. So, the president uses inflammatory language like ‘whipping.’ You know, there’s still a lot of questions about precisely what was happening. We should determine what happened, but these men and women who are doing this work down there is in very difficult conditions — They were doing their jobs. We should make sure that every benefit of the doubt is given to them, not suggest that we’re just going to go punish them willy-nilly because of a still photograph that we’ve seen and because the progressive part of the Democrat Party is up in arms and asserting racism. There’s nothing to indicate that this was remotely like that and to talk about this in the same context of slavery, just it’s the worst of what the Democrat progressive party has become. 


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