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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted videos of himself on Monday throwing spears at wooden targets, and shooting a bow and arrow at bowling pins. The social media Master of the Universe inexplicably wore hearing protection when throwing spears.
“I have a very particular set of skills…” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook caption that featured a video of himself throwing a spear at a wooden target in slow motion. The CEO wore hearing protection to throw spears normally associated with firearms.

In another caption of a slow-motion video of him shooting a bow and arrow at bowling pins, the Facebook CEO wrote, “If I were an Avenger, pretty sure I’d be Hawkeye.

While it remains unclear why and where these particular videos were taken, Zuckerberg mentioned in another Facebook post a few days earlier that he wanted to hike a trail, but was unable to obtain a hiking permit.
“A trail I wanted to hike is out of hiking permits, but has plenty of hunting permits available,” Zuckerberg wrote. “That’s basically saying: look, you can’t walk here unless you also bring a bow and arrow. So I guess we’re doing this.”

Last month, it was reported that Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have nearly doubled the size of their real estate empire in Hawaii, buying another 595.4 acres on Kauai. The couple now owns 1,300 acres of land in Hawaii after closing on a $53 million purchase of three parcels of nearly 600 acres on March 19.
Last year, the Facebook CEO was spotted with sunscreen plastered all over his face while vacationing in Hawaii, which prompted internet memes comparing the social media Master of the Universe to everything from mimes to the Joker.
Zuckerberg later tried to explain that the overdone sunscreen application was an attempt to disguise himself from the paparazzi.


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