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Less Than 24 Hours Before Election, Democrat Caught by Police For Stealing Campaign Signs And Driving Off

A Democratic Virginia delegate named Chris Hurst was pulled over by police less than 24 hours before Election Day, Fox News reports.

A police deputy witnessed a woman taking campaign signs and getting into a car the delegate was driving.

The Democrat is named Chris Hurst. The signs were on display outside the city recreation center.

Police found that Hurst was driving the vehicle with a suspended license, according to Radford Sheriff Mark Armentrout.

He was given a “driving while suspended notification” by a deputy, local outlets report.

More from Fox News:

Armentrout directed Fox News to the Radford City Police Department for information on why Hurst’s license was suspended. That department said the matter has now been transferred to the Virginia State Police.


The Virginia State Police told Fox News that they could not comment on his suspended license because the “inquiry concerns an elected official.”

“VSP can only investigate an elected official at the authorization of an elected official,” VSP said.

The state police later corrected their statement to Fox News on Tuesday that, “VSP can only investigate an elected official at the authorization of the Attorney General,” not another elected official.

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Radford City Police confirmed that there was damage made to several of the political signs.

After getting pulled over, a deputy asked the female passenger, Emily Frentress, to return the signs. She complied with the request, WSLS reported.

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