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Sky News host Alan Jones says decent Americans must be asking “which side of justice” Joe Biden is on after the US President’s private meeting with the relatives of George Floyd. “President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Nancy Pelosi met with the family,” Mr Jones said. “The family are urging politicians to pass police reform in his name, the name of George Floyd.” Mr Jones questioned whether Joe Biden is “seriously going to yield to the family of a criminal and pass police reform in his name”. “I can’t think of anything more demotivating of a police force who face, every day, the violence and brutality practiced by this bloke, George Floyd,” he said. “Decent Americans must be asking of Biden, which side of justice is he on? Those who enforce the law or those who regularly break it?”



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VIDEO: It’s ‘not a great time’ for America to have a ‘weak’ president: Andrew Bolt





Sky News host Andrew Bolt says now is “not a great time” to have a US president who “looks and sounds rather frail and rather weak” given the threat posed by China. “US President Joe Biden today mentioned this,” Mr Bolt said. “He made clear China’s dictator was very, very serious, and thought the democracies of the West were actually weak for all the talk about defending our interests and our values.” Mr Bolt spoke with former White House staffer Barbara Heineback about the issue.

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VIDEO: It’s ‘not a great time’ for America to have a ‘weak’ president: Andrew Bolt

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‘Concerns’ for Joe Biden’s ‘mental capacity’ raised amid gaffes at G7

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