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If you’re keen to know what it’s like to actually attend a G-7 summit, Jack Blanchard takes you through every political, diplomatic and media layer in his latest Westminster Insider podcast episode, featuring Tony Blair.

Let’s get into it.

The global climate debate is markedly different to the American domestic debate. How will we know if the G-7 has stepped up a gear today?

Karl Mathiesen, senior climate correspondent:

I want to know whether there’s going to be a genuine discussion about taxing imports from countries that aren’t doing enough to fight climate change. The EU is readying a proposal to hit high-carbon commodities, including steel, and wants to force the issue, even though U.S. climate envoy John Kerry has asked them to back off. From the U.S. perspective, the move is politically explosive: guaranteed to annoy opponents of carbon pricing in Congress almost as much as it will ramp up tensions with China, India and other emerging economies. But the White House also knows that it will have to eventually put some kind of border protection in place lest industries flee tougher emissions cuts and set up carbon havens.”

Ryan Heath, Global Translations author:

It’s hard for the G-7 to step up because Congress has not translated Biden’s climate commitments into legally binding targets and investments. So a strong new commitment would just be more words that lack a Congressional mandate. Presidential and G-7 words still matter, of course — but if you listen to scientific input, there really isn’t time for more words without action.

Mathiesen: So far in this morning’s talks, G-7 countries have been unable to come to terms on a time frame to end their use of coal for electrical power, an EU official said. The U.K. hosts, backed up by the EU, had pushed for a commitment to “phase out” coal in the 2030s, said the official. But the summit draft communiqué now contains only an open ended promise to “accelerate” the demise of the carbon-intensive fuel.

Without a time frame, the language would be weaker than a commitment made by the G-7 environment ministers in May.

Which countries or leaders are having the best and worst summit?

Anita Kumar, White House Correspondent & Associate Editor:

Biden. Biden. Biden. The other leaders — even those he just met — couldn’t stop praising him. But this, of course, is not really about Biden. This is about their relief to not have to deal with Donald Trump anymore. Trump spent fours years attacking them on Twitter, accusing their countries of mooching off the United States and pulling out of international agreements. That Biden actually wants to work with them too is icing on the cake.

David M. Herszenhorn, Chief Brussels Correspondent:

Ryan, the question should be, which leader other than Joe Biden is having the best summit? It’s not fair to put the others up against the guy being hailed as the savior of global cooperation and the multilateral rules-based order. So putting aside that POTUS is the mostest at the moment, European Council Charles Michel is having a surprisingly good summit. The EU appears to be securing quite a few of its priorities in the communique (an effort he shares with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen). But Michel brokered a deal for release of Armenian prisoners of war, in partnership with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and the surprise announcement of it on Saturday provided a high-profile example of EU-U.S. partnership back in action.

Rym Momtaz, senior correspondent, France:

If this was supposed to be Global Britain’s big global debut with the world’s media on site — it is an abject failure. There’s no mobile PCR testing facility for required tests, no food at the media center and journalists have been parked an hour’s drive away from where leaders are meeting. Almost like everything was designed to keep journalists as far away as possible. Not a good look when you’re repositioning the G-7 as being a democratic values-driven group. At the last in-person G-7, hosted by France in Biarritz, journos were across the street from leaders and had many opportunities to run into leaders. What it all adds up to: not a riveting news-making summit.


Kumar: I am happy to sign up to that, Rym. It was a complete failure. Lessons learned from G-7: don’t have a global summit in Cornwall and don’t have one during a pandemic. The small Newquay airport just can’t handle all the leaving delegation — so the U.S. press and staff charter plane has been diverted to Cardiff, Wales.

Anna Isaac, trade and economics correspondent:

The G-7 summit has widened a British Cabinet split over how tough a line the U.K. should take on China, meaning the final position on China will be one of the most closely scrutinized parts of the G-7 communiqué. Johnson had more success in pushing his foreign policy agenda via summit invites to India, South Africa, South Korea and Australia.

Heath: Johnson could also do without images like this one with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Merkel did end up elbow bumping him). But his biggest faux pas is all his own fault: scheduling today’s final press conference during a major soccer match.

Beyond the long communiqué — what will leaders fly out of Cornwall with?

Heath: The Biden administration’s framing is that they’re pleased with “convergence” among G-7 members on issues of strategic importance (a.k.a China) — “both in terms of the direction of convergence and also the speed with which it’s happening,” according to a senior administration official. The upshot is Biden feels that he’s cemented both old and new relationships this weekend, and the ingredients are now in place for sustained and comprehensive pushback against China on issues and in fields in which China is a systemic rival to the U.S.

Herszenhorn: Plus ça change as they say en bon anglais, plus ça change. Expansion seems unlikely, certainly not back to the G-8

Kumar: Some people argue that the G-7’s influence has waned because it doesn’t include China or the emerging powers. Still that seems unlikely to change. All seven countries are developed democracies whose GDP makes up nearly half of the global economy and they aren’t going to be eager to change that. Remember they already have the G-20. And I agree with David. There’s no talk of letting Russia back as accusations of aggression against the country continue to stack up.

Heath: If G-7 is to become G-10 it will need a champion to push hard for it. In general, G-7 members like being at a small, exclusive table and they’re not worried about China’s criticism of them: “The days when global decisions were dictated by a small group of countries are long gone,” a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London said Sunday.

But what I think has been solidified at this summit is the sense that the G-7 is a democratic values-driven club. It’s original purpose was to guide the world economy, and that’s shifted with the rise of authoritarian rivals, and because they’re all burned by Russia having been a member that rejected their values.



L.A. SERGEANT: Newsom Living in a ‘Fantasy World,’ Crime ‘Surging With No Consequences’





TOTAL RECALL: Newsom Begs Californians to ‘Voluntarily Reduce Water Consumption’ By 15%

posted by Hannity Staff – 7.09.21

Embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom is pleading with Golden State resident’s to “voluntarily” limit their water consumption as the region struggles with high-temperatures and drought conditions.

“We’re hopeful that people will take that mindset they brought into the last drought and extend that forward with a 15% voluntary reduction, not only on residences but industrial commercial operations and agricultural operations,” Newsom said in a news conference.

“We’re not trying to be oppressive,” Newsom stressed, The Times reported. “Again, these are voluntary standards.”

Newsom will officially be recalled on September 14th as he fends of potential challengers eager to take his position.

The Governor has faced a growing backlash over a series of botched plans; including his decision to shutter businesses for more than a year to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Read the full report at Fox News.

TOTAL RECALL: Newsom Says Recall Effort Has Enough Signatures, Eating Out Was ‘Terrible Mistake’

posted by Hannity Staff – 3.16.21

California Governor Gavin Newsom admitted the obvious during an interview with ‘The View’ Tuesday; saying it “appears” there are now enough signatures to force a mandatory recall vote and potentially oust him from office.

“Am I worried about it? Of course I’m worried about it,” Newsom said. “The nature of these things, the up or down question, the zero-sum nature of the question is challenging…so we’re taking it seriously.”


“This one appears to have the requisite signatures,” the Democratic governor said.

“I’ve only been in office 25 months, just 25 months there’s been six efforts to put a recall on the ballot. This one appears to have the requisite signatures. This started before the pandemic,” he said. “If you look at the list of grievances from the proponents of this campaign, it goes to our values, it’s less about me, it’s more about California and our values, Democratic Party values.”

“I have to do my job every single day, but I’m gonna fight this thing because I’m gonna fight for California values and the things I hold dear,” he added.

Watch Newsom’s admission above.

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CRUZ to PSAKI: ‘Republicans Are Proud to Support the Police, DEMOCRATS Are Demonizing Them’





Texas Senator Ted Cruz called-out White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Friday after the top Biden aide accused Republicans of moving to “defund” the police; saying it’s the Democrats who are “demonizing” the men and women in blue.

“Republicans are proud to support the police, to stand with the men and women of blue, while Democrats are demonizing and vilifying the brave men and women of law enforcement,” said Ted Cruz from the US Capitol.

“I think the President believes we shouldn’t allow access to guns to those criminals who are illegally buying them from dealers across the country,” said the Press Secretary in June. “Part of it is also ensuring specific guidance to communities to ensure they have funding to get more community police. Something that was supported by the American Jobs Plan… Some might say the other party was for defunding the police,” she added.

“The President did mention that the American Rescue Plan, a lot of Democrats, could help ensure that local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country. It did not receive a single Republican vote. That funding has been used to keep cops on the beat!” claimed Psaki a short time later.

“Any local department would argue that keeping cops on the beat … is something that helped them fight crime in their communities,” she added.

Watch Cruz’ comments above.


CRUZ MISSILE: Biden Admin Believes ‘American Jobs are Bad but Russian Jobs are Good’

posted by Hannity Staff – 5.21.21

Senator Ted Cruz called-out the Biden-Harris administration at the US Capitol this week; blasting the White House for suspending American energy pipelines while backing Russia’s oil industry.

“For whatever reason, the Biden-Harris administration seems to have a philosophy that American pipelines and American jobs are bad but Russian pipelines and Russian jobs are apparently good,” said Cruz.

President Biden suspended the Keystone Pipeline through an Executive Order the first day he entered the Oval Office, prompting outrage from energy workers across the United States.

Watch Cruz’ comments above.

CRUZ MISSILE: Cruz Asks Twitter to BAN CNN Over Post Promoting Same Drug That Got Trump Jr Barred

posted by Hannity Staff – 7.29.20

Senator Ted Cruz demanded Twitter ban CNN from its platform Tuesday night; pointing out the network promoted the same treatment for CoVID-19 that got Donald Trump Jr’s account frozen this week.

“Twitter, please ban CNN,” posted Cruz, citing the story.



“A surprising new study found that the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients better survive in the hospital,” posted CNN on July 3rd.

Twitter temporarily restricted Trump Jr’s account after posting a video promoting the treatment.

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WATCH: Wild Dash Cam Footage Shows Migrants Fleeing Vehicle After Being Pulled Over by Police





Wild dash-cam footage was published on social media Friday showing at least 12 migrants escaping a smuggler’s vehicle after it was pulled over by police in the Del Rio sector of the US-Mexico border.

“Wild dash cam footage from Texas DPS shows a trooper in a recent pursuit of a human smuggler here in Del Rio. The smuggler bails, and at least a dozen illegal immigrants spill out and flee. Trooper focused on driver & caught him. Some of the passengers got away,” posted Fox News Bill Melugin on Twitter.


“Another Texas DPS pursuit of a human smuggler & bailout here in Del Rio last week. The driver and all of the illegal immigrants who ran were caught. Texas DPS tells me their troopers have been involved in 473 pursuits since the start of Operation Lone Star as of 7/15,” he added.

The journalist posted other videos this week showing Federal Agents escorting migrants -some from Haiti and Senegal- into the USA.

“Another group of migrants has just been walked through the border gate into the U.S. here in Del Rio, TX. Most of the group is from Haiti. Some of the single adult men you see waiting in the back tell me they’re from Senegal, a country in West Africa. It’s non-stop,” posted the reporter.

“NEW: More groups of migrants being walked through the border gate to a waiting Border Patrol van here in Del Rio this morning. This is one of several groups we’ve seen come through today. Our drone team in RGV says 300+ have already crossed in La Joya, TX as of 9am,” he added.


Watch the shocking footage above.

BORDER CHAOS: 500 Pounds of Mexican METH Discovered in ‘DISNEY’ Figurines

posted by Hannity Staff – 4.11.18

The Drug Enforcement Agency discovered over $2 million worth of smuggled Mexican methamphetamines hidden inside Disney character figurines Wednesday; calling the haul the biggest “meth bust” in the Atlanta region.

According to DEA officials, the drugs were hidden inside over 500 figurines meant to look like beloved Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

“DEA Atlanta Division Special Agent in Charge Robert Murphy says the meth originated in Mexico and was destined for Atlanta,” writes a local CBS affiliate. “He says another load containing legitimate ceramic figurines was intercepted and is believed to have been intended as a decoy.”

The discovery comes as President Trump pledges to crackdown on human trafficking and drug smuggling at the United States’ southern border; vowing last week to deploy the National Guard to help secure the region.

BORDER CHAOS: America TOPS GERMANY for Most Asylum Applications in 2017

posted by Hannity Staff – 6.19.18

Stunning new data released by the United Nations reveals that the United States now has more asylum requests than Germany; a country that has admitted more than one million refugees since 2015.

The UN Refugee Agency published the statistics Tuesday, showing that individual asylum applications in the US rose by 27% in 2017; reaching over 330,000 new requests and topping Germany’s 198,000.

“Meanwhile, more people last year from parts of North and Central America ‘undertook the perilous journey northwards to seek asylum in Mexico and the United States of America,’” writes Politico.

“We are at a watershed, where success in managing forced displacement globally requires a new and far more comprehensive approach so that countries and communities aren’t left dealing with this alone,” added the UN report.

Read the full report at Politico.

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