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In a video message released by the NRSC, President Trump said that the GOP will win back the House, Senate, and White House, and said the “Republican Party is stronger than it’s ever been.”


Donald Trump

Juneteenth: Trump Proposed National Holiday in ‘Platinum Plan’ for Black America





President Joe Biden signed Juneteenth into law on Thursday as a federal public holiday — but President Donald Trump had proposed doing so last year, as part of his “Platinum Plan” for black Americans.
Unlike Biden and the Democrats, who claim that America is beset by “systemic racism” that requires state intervention to achieve “equity,” Trump’s plan focused on creating opportunity for black Americans and fixing government services that fail the black community.

The “Four Pillars” of Trump’s plan were as follows:

OPPORTUNITY – By achieving historic employment levels for Black Americans, as well as increasing access to capital for new businesses, President Trump has been committed to ensuring all Black Americans can achieve the American Dream
SECURITY – By signing into law the celebrated First Step Act, President Trump has brought common sense criminal justice reform to the American people for the first time in decades, while ensuring that our streets and communities are safe for families and business owners
PROSPERITY – As the first President to provide long-term funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, this Administration continues to seek immediate and generational advancement for Black Americans
FAIRNESS – As demonstrated through his actions to initiate investment into Opportunity Zones, as well as address health disparities, wage gaps and necessary education reforms, President Trump works every day to advance a fair and just America for the Black Community

Trump made concrete promises, including a pledge to devote $500 billion in new investment in black communities and school choice to free black children from failing public schools. He also pledged symbolic achievements like Juneteenth.
The plan promised to make Juneteenth “a National Holiday” marking the emancipation of slaves in the Civil War.
Though embraced recently as a left-wing cause, Juneteenth has long been a regional holiday with patriotic themes. The official flag of Juneteenth, created in 1997 by Ben Haith, the founder of the National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation (NJCF), alludes to the red, white, and blue of the American flag, as well as the Lone Star of the Texas state flag.
Trump worked with rapper Ice Cube on the plan, who said Biden and the Democrats had pushed him off until after the election.


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Biden-Putin Summit

VIDEO: ‘A good day for Russia’: Trump criticises Biden’s meeting with Putin





Donald Trump says President Joe Biden’s highly anticipated meeting with Vladimir Putin was a “good day for Russia” and questioned what the US “got out of it”. “I guess the overall is we didn’t get anything, we gave a very big stage to Russia,” he told Fox News. “We got nothing. We gave up something that was unbelievably valuable. I stopped the pipeline – Nord Stream – and that pipeline was stopped and it was given back and nothing was gotten for it. “I will say I think it was a good day for Russia. I don’t see what we got out of it.” Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Mr Biden’s decision to not hold a joint press conference with President Putin showed “enormous weakness”. President Biden, however, said he held his ground with Mr Putin. “I made it clear that we will not tolerate attempts to violate our democratic sovereignty,” he told the media. “The bottom line is I told President Putin we need to have some basic rules of the road we can all abide by.”


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border wall

Donald Trump Announces Visit to ‘Nations Decimated Southern Border’ Before Kamala Harris Has Planned Trip There





Former President Donald Trump announced he accepted an invitation to visit the “Nation’s decimated Southern Border” with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) on an official visit before Vice President Kamala Harris has made any plans to visit.
Trump will visit the “Nation’s decimated Southern Border on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.”

“The Biden Administration inherited from me the strongest, safest, and most secure border in U.S history and in mere weeks they turned it into the single worst border crisis in U.S history,” the former president said.
He noted that the current administration has not made the Southern Border an “unmitigated disaster zone,” adding the country has now gone from “detain-and-remove to catch-and-release.”
He explained:

We went from having border security that was the envy of the world to a lawless border that is now pitied around the world. Biden and Harris have handed control of our border over to cartels, criminals, and coyotes. Drug dealers, MS-13 gang members, human smugglers, sex traffickers, and the criminal elements of the world now have free reign.
Hospitals and schools are getting crushed and public health is being sacrificed all in service of a radical left anti-borders agenda. Our brave border agents and courageous ICE officers have been illegally stopped from doing their jobs. Our Nation is now one giant sanctuary city where even dangerous criminals are being cut loose and set free inside the U.S interior on a daily basis.

Trump slammed the current administration by saying, “If this weren’t bad enough, Biden and Harris won’t even tour the scenes of the wreckage they created, or come down and visit with the Border Patrol and ICE heroes risking their lives to defend our Nation” since the current White House has makes their job “totally impossible.”
“What Biden and Harris have done, and are continuing to do on our border, is a grave and willful dereliction of duty,” Trump said. “My visit will hopefully shine a spotlight on these crimes against our Nation—and show the incredible people of ICE and Border Patrol that they have our unshakeable support.”
Abbott recently told Breitbart Texas the Lone Star State will “immediately begin construction of border barriers in areas like Del Rio where migrants can easily cross unsecured sections.”
The governor also told Breitbart Texas that he had chosen the Del Rio area when he made his announcement because of the “massive increases in illegal border crossings in this region.”
Also reported in May, the Border Patrol apprehensions had jumped almost 700 percent compared to the same time in 2020 under former President Donald Trump. “Agents apprehended more than 172,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico boundary, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials report.”


The report also included, “During Fiscal Year 2021, which began on October 1, 2020, Border Patrol agents apprehended a total of 897,213 migrants,” which is also up from the same period last year when they apprehended only 229,225; that is almost a 300 percent increase.
The rise in apprehensions included “636,892 single adults, 78,513 migrant families, and 181,808 unaccompanied minors.”

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