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CNN Analyst Admits Republicans Can Win Across U.S. If They Follow Formula Glenn Youngkin Used

CNN political analyst Scott Jennings made a major admission following Election Night.

Jennings said the formula used by governor-elect Glenn Youngkin in Virginia can be used by Republicans nationwide to win.

“Well, in algebra, we’re often trying to solve for ‘x’ and Republican politics, we’re often trying to solve for ‘T,’ for Trump and Youngkin figured it out,” Jennings said.

“He kept Trump out of the race, basically, he didn’t campaign there. He didn’t wake up every day talking about it.”

“He didn’t feel the need to respond to every, you know, grievance or whatever. He kept focused on the issues and heretofore, some Republican candidates would have said, ‘Well, then you’re running the risk of the MAGA voters not turning out.’”

“Look at the map, the rural counties not only came out, they came out huge,” Jennings continued.

“So, it turns out that Glenn Youngkin has solved for this problem in that you can run a race based on issues, continue to attract the Trump base, get a path back in the suburbs, and take advantage, frankly, of the just enormous collapse, continued collapse of the Democratic Party in rural areas.”

“That’s how we win. That’s how we’re going to be successful. When you can put the suburbs back together with rural areas the way we used to do.”

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“I think Republicans have an enormous chance to win in ’22 and ’24,” he later added. “Donald Trump is the least likely person to give the Republicans a chance to win back the White House, somebody who can do what Glenn Youngkin did, and put the coalition together, rural Counties, people who voted for Trump, people who didn’t vote for Trump, but like to vote Republican, suburban moms.”

“And by the way, look at the ticket, people who look like America, the African-American woman we just elected to Lieutenant Governor, the Hispanic that we just elected to Attorney General, Republicans have solved this coalition issue in Virginia, suburbs, rural, female, male, white, black, Hispanic, that’s how we win,” he concluded.

“And so if you follow the Youngkin blueprint, talk about issues, put together the ticket that looks and sounds like America, you can do it.”

Watch the clip:

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