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Bombshell Never-Before-Seen Footage of Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Could Change Everything

Never-before-seen footage of Kyle Rittenhouse has been released.

In the video, three men can then be seen chasing after Rittenhouse. Reports speculate that these individuals are presumably the three individuals who Rittenhouse later shot.

It appears that Rittenhouse tries to create distance then only fires as the first pursuer came within mere feet of him.

CNN identified this individual as 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum.

Watch the clip:

For some background information, Rittenhouse is currently charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide, one count of first-degree reckless homicide, one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, and two counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.

This incident took place on night three of riots in Kenosha. The riots were sparked when a police officer shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake. Blake was armed with a knife and ignored orders from police officers. Blake had a warrant for his arrest for charges of third-degree sexual assault, trespassing, and disorderly conduct

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Rittenhouse, who is 18 years old now, says he was defending himself from violent protesters.

Human Events Daily obtained the footage, which senior editor Jack Posobiec alleges is “never-before-seen FBI footage of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting.”

Rittenhouse shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26. He is also facing attempted homicide charges for shooting Gaige Grosskreutz, 27.

The website of Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund alleges:

“After a man — Joshua Ziminski — brandished a handgun and confronted Rittenhouse, bystanders began yelling threats at him. It was then that Rittenhouse looked over his shoulder and saw Rosenbaum running at him, according to the legal fund.”


“Kyle then fled from Rosenbaum, heard Ziminki fire his weapon and turned to see Rosenbaum ‘inches from him’ and ‘grabbing for his weapon.’”

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More from Western Journal:

The new footage appears to back up this story.

It’s difficult to watch these events unfold and not come to the conclusion that Rittenhouse’s life was in danger, therefore justifying his use of deadly force.

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As long as this new footage wasn’t edited in any way, Rittenhouse could very well be getting off scot-free, albeit there will certainly be other facts for the jury to consider.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh perhaps put it best in his review of the footage.

“Totally conclusive. This whole trial is a farce. Rittenhouse was being pursued and attacked. He shot in self-defense,” Walsh wrote.

“This is absolutely undeniable based on the footage. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply lying. They want this kid convicted whether he’s guilty or not.”

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