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Candace Owens

ARTICLE: Candace Owens Calls Pete Buttigieg Paternity Leave ‘Sickeningly Pathetic’

Candace Owens has hit out at U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for being on paternity leave during the ongoing supply chain crisis, calling it “sickeningly pathetic.”

Candace Owens hit out at Pete Buttigieg after the secretary of transportation decided to take paternity leave.

The controversial commentator, known for making barbed remarks about Democrats, took aim at Buttigieg for being on family leave with twins as products struggle to arrive at stores across the country.


“Privileged times have produced the weakest men that have ever lived in America. Remove this little boy from office.”

Owens ended her tweet with the hashtag #BringBackManlyMen. It was liked on more than 31,800 occasions and was retweeted some 6,430 times.

The hashtag used the same words as another much-criticized Twitter post that Owens shared about Harry Styles after the singer wore a dress during a photoshoot for the November 2020 edition of Vogue Magazine.

Buttigieg, who is gay, has been on paternity leave since mid-August after he and his husband Chasten welcomed adopted newborns Penelope Rose and Joseph August to the family.

Since taking family leave during the supply crisis, Buttigieg has become a target for other conservative commentators.

The Biden Administration is pushing legislation through Congress that would make 12 weeks of paid family and sick leave available to most workers in the U.S.

Buttigieg’s own family leave has coincided with an ongoing supply crisis that has hit businesses across America.

Last week, President Joe Biden announced the Port of Los Angeles would increase its operating hours by 60 hours a week by remaining open at night and at the weekend in the hope of improving the situation.

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The ports in LA and Long Beach account for some 40 percent of all shipping containers that enter the U.S.

However, the White House did caution that it could not guarantee that shortages would not affect the Christmas shopping season.

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