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After Being Found Not Guilty, Kyle Rittenhouse’s Next Moves Revealed by Defense Attorney

Since Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges, defense attorney Mark Richards has spoken about his client’s next moves.

Rittenhouse will likely have to leave his hometown due to the overwhelming number of threats he’s received.

“He has to get on with his life, the best he can,” Richards told reporters.

Rittenhouse says he has dreams of becoming a nurse, according to his attorney.

“I don’t think he’ll continue to live in this area, I think it’s too dangerous. He’s had 24-hour security since this happened.”

“We’re thankful that the judge protected his address,” he added.

“Everybody in this case — and when I say that, I mean prosecution and defense — to me, it’s scary how many death threats we’ve gotten,” the attorney added.

Richards did not speak to potential civil lawsuits from Rittenhouse since he’s a defense attorney.

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Rittenhouse was found not guilty of homicide as well as four other charges. The jury agreed that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense against violent rioters, some of whom were career criminals.

A “Black Lives Matter” riot erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin for three nights and caused roughly $50 million in damages.


Businesses were destroyed as law enforcement is accused of failing to protect people’s property. 17-year-old Rittenhouse arrived to assist a local business owner in defending his car dealership that suffered $1.5 million in damages.

The riots were sparked after a police officer shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake. Blake was armed with a knife and ignored orders from law enforcement. Blake had a warrant for his arrest for charges of third-degree sexual assault and other charges.

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Richards said he had to stop answering his phone after receiving numerous death threats in a row…

When the verdict was read, Rittenhouse became overcome with emotion and collapsed to his seat. His family, sitting behind him, cried too.

During the same presser, Richards criticized assistant prosecutor Thomas Binger. “A prosecutor is supposed to seek the truth, it’s not about winning,” the defense attorney said. “And this case became about winning, and that’s probably why it got so personal.”

Richards accused Binger of putting people on the stand he knew were lying, and criticized the prosecution for changing their narrative to “provocation” once, Richards says, their early narrative fell apart.

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