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37-Year-Old ‘Gossip Girl’ Actor Suggests Kyle Rittenhouse Was Acting at Trial: ‘First Take of a Crying Scene’

Hollywood actor Kevin Zegers took to Twitter to criticize 18-year-old defendant Kyle Rittenhouse during his trial.

Rittenhouse stand trial for the murder of two people during last year’s “Black Lives Matter” riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Zegers accused Rittenhouse of acting as he took the stand to testify in his defense.

Rittenhouse broke down into uncontrollable tears as he recalled the events of August 25.

“This is how the first take of a crying scene can look,” Zegers said.

“Weeks of anxiety to push the tears out and you come up empty,” he tweeted.

Take a look:

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Left-wing celebrities have been outspoken in their support of “Black Lives Matter” protesters and the violent rioters who rocked Kenosha, Wisconsin for three nights in August 2020.

Businesses were destroyed as law enforcement is accused of failing to protect people’s property.

17-year-old Rittenhouse arrived to assist a local business owner in defending his car dealership that suffered $1.5 million in damages.

Universal’s The Fast and the Furious actor Chad Lindberg called Rittenhouse a “murderer” and a “terrible fucking actor.”

Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi openly mocked Rittenhouse during his trial.


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Lakshmi retweeted a comment that read, “Good thing Kyle Rittenhouse was just a harmless white kid with an AR-15 and not a scary Black kid with a toy gun or he’d be dead.”

In response, the TV host wrote, “Time for America to redefine what it means to be a ‘promising young man.’”

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Rittenhouse, who says he was defending himself from violent protesters, has been charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide as well as other charges in the aftermath of the riots.

The riots were sparked after a police officer shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake. Blake was armed with a knife and ignored orders from law enforcement. Blake had a warrant for his arrest for charges of third-degree sexual assault and other charges.

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